I find myself thinking of you when i'm by myself in a crowded room...or when i'm alone.
I find myself reeling when i wake up out of breath...thinking that you were near.
I find myself lying when i say that it was just lust not love.
I find myself asking why'd you do it...when i see the hurt in her eyes too.
I find myself wondering where you are, what you are doing, and who you are seeing.
I find myself crying...knowing that you were and are not right for me.
I find myself breaking when i hear that word, love.
It's so over-used and misunderstood.
I hear my friends, family, and people i barely know use it on a daily basis...
do they know what it means?
Do they know that it's a promise?
A promise to feel for another being as unconditionally as they can.
As compationately as they know how,
And unforgetably as possible.
Unfortunately...many people have broken this promise...including myself.
I truly am sorry for the things i said, things i did.
But, that does not mean that i deserved the treatment i got.
Who the fuck gives you the right to say the things you did?
How is it possible that you could love another within a matter of weeks?
I think you're un-educated in that area.
So let me give you one freakin CLUE, IT IS NOT SEX.
Give the poor girl a break...and let her go before it's too late.
Like you should have done with me.
Like the treatment i should have gotten.
The truth. But i'm not good enough for that apparently.
It is NOT okay to share with other people about our old intimatecies.
I do not give a fuck if i spelt that wrong.
What people don't seem to get is that i'm still hurting.
They think that i can just pick up and move on, come on girl get up and get over it.