The way you look at me makes me wanna puke.  You have no idea, just look at me like i'm a normal person. Don't give me a sorry ass answer. You know exactly why. Why you can't learn, why you can't feel, why you can't handle, me. It's not because of my past, present,or future. Trust must be a big issue with you, because you can't seem to learn to trust me. They're just friends dad...just ask me.  I'll tell you the truth. You don't even trust me enough to ask me. Not like they'd be interested anyways. I don't need to be supervised. Last time i checked i've done a pretty damn good job of raising my self. You have no idea of how much i can't stand the sight of you...but then again i love you and would miss you terribly if you went anywhere....but when i turn 18 i'm out.